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Top 10 Drug Discovery And Development Companies in UK - 2021



“The only constant in life is change”— these words of wisdom from the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus pretty much resonates most with the pharmaceutical sector, where change is crucial for survival. The race for an effective cure across complex therapeutic areas and individual diseases is highly competitive, placing enormous pressure squarely on the drug development space. While the past decade has witnessed significant technological innovation in this space, particularly around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning aimed at streamlining and removing risks from the drug development process, this is only just the beginning.

Rapid growth in computer-processing power and the abundance of big data sets and advanced algorithms have brought ‘narrow-AI’ – which focuses on solving very specific problems and tasks – into existence across the pharmaceutical domain. This has triggered an explosive growth of AI applications in drug discovery, most often by identifying patterns hidden within large volumes of data. As a result, artificial intelligence is expected to make the hunt for new pharmaceuticals quicker and cheaper while adding a sense of certainty to the initial stages of drug development.

At this juncture, numerous innovative drug development solution providers and services are entering the domain with advanced and integrated offerings. On that note, to help the pharmaceutical sector strengthen its operational capabilities, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and other thought leaders from the industry, along with the editorial board of Pharma Tech Outlook, has selected the leading drug discovery and development companies who can help pharma companies expedite the drug development process, and enable growth in the industry.

We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s ‘Top 10 Drug Discovery and Development Companies in UK - 2021

    Top Drug Discovery And Development Companies in UK

  • Nexcelom Bioscience delivers top-notch products that range from advanced image cytometry workstations (Celigo) to high-throughput automated cell counters (Cellaca MX) that counts a large numbers of samples in just a few minutes. The devices are widely adopted by thousands of research laboratories across academic institutes as well as numerous pharmaceutical and biotech companies.The company's flagship product, Cellaca MX High Throughput Automated Cell Counter, can run up to 24 samples in less than three minutes. Researchers don't need to reload individual slides anymore or wait for small-batch counters to finish counting


  • Biorelate


    Biorelate helps scientists solve the most difficult biomedical challenges of today, by curating truths from existing knowledge, enabling smarter and faster research and development

  • Arctoris


    Combining robotics, AI and blockchain, Arctoris is the next step in drug discovery evolution

  • BenevolentAI


    BenevolentAI combines advanced AI and machine learning with cutting edge science to decipher complex disease biology, generate novel insights and discover more effective medicines

  • Blueberry Therapeutics

    Blueberry Therapeutics

    Blueberry uses smart, agile, clinical solutions to deliver high quality trials more rapidly and with reduced development costs

  • Causeway Sensors

    Causeway Sensors

    Causeway Sensors uses nanotechnology to provide better candidate selection during drug development

  • Cresset


    Cresset Discovery Services provides outstanding contract research services for molecule discovery and optimization

  • DevelRx


    Provides expert input on CNS drug discovery and development, drug abuse evaluation and treatment to its clients in all sectors of the worldwide pharmaceutical and biotech industry

  • Exscientia


    Exscientia is a global pharmatech company using patient-first artificial intelligence (AI) to design better drugs, faster

  • Fios Genomics

    Fios Genomics

    With over 10 years of experience in supporting scientists, researchers and bioinformaticians in data analysis, Fios Genomics have an extensive experience in handling all types of datasets for drug discovery & development, diagnostics, agricultural research, veterinary medicine and applied research across all species