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Top 10 Drug Discovery and Development Companies in Europe - 2020


Following the discovery and development of a new drug, the need for strict evaluation of therapeutic effectiveness and safety before extensive clinical application is more than necessary. However, establishing complete protection of every therapeutic agent is illusory because even the finest regulatory system cannot avoid such reverses. The assessment of the balance of risks and benefits of therapy is multifactorial and requires expert, sometimes subjective, judgment. The complexities of human metabolic processes can present significant challenges in the toxicological evaluation of a new chemical entity.

On top of that, there are potential consequences of Brexit for the effectiveness of pharmaceutical research in the UK and the rest of Europe. Along with the USA, Europe is at the forefront of medicines research and has contributed hugely to past and current innovations in drug therapy. It has been highlighted that UK pharmaceutical companies are struggling to recruit talented researchers from Europe since the referendum. It is vital that those involved in the discovery and development of medicines can anticipate what the likely future regulatory requirements will be, thus providing the best chance of bringing safer, more-efficacious new treatments to market. To help organizations and leaders select the best vendors and advance their trade initiatives, Pharma Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted Drug Discovery and Development Providers that are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions. These companies offer robust products coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field. We present to you “Top 10 Drug Discovery and Development Companies in Europe - 2020.”

    Top Drug Discovery and Development Companies in Europe

  • Offers CRISPR Screening in combination with single-cell RNA Sequencing to aid drug firms swiftly identify and validate the right drug targets. Aelian Biotechnology has designed its system to work with a more elaborate set of cell line models, including stem-cell derived models and primary cell types. A single CRISPR screen on Aelian Biotechnology's analysis system can scan tens of thousand of single-cells, thus warranting screens at unprecedented scale and precision. The company’s expertise in computational biology allows the timely analysis of large datasets, ensuring proper statistical foundation for all major conclusions.

  • A biotech company that cements its cornerstone around improving the lives of patients with serious illnesses through the development of a unique topical drug delivery platform for diseases of the esophagus. The company is developing a unique topical drug delivery platform designed to assist in the treatment of the upper gastrointestinal tract. The smart drug application technology will allow targeted delivery of a broad range of pharmaceutical drugs to the affected areas with maximum accuracy. Markedly, the University of Greifswald, inventor and EsoCap’s collaborator in the development of the product, has already corroborated the feasability of the novel drug delivery concept. An imaging study conducted by the university showed successful long lasting placement of amuco adhesive film to the esophageal mucosa

  • Taking advantage of expertise in the development of Glycotope´s in house biopharmaceutical projects Glycotope has recently established a new service branch to offer this expertise to companies. Backed by exceptional glycobiology know-how and experience, Glycotope provides a wide range of services in the biopharmaceutical space related to cell line and process development, instrumental bioanalytic, clinical immune-monitoring, and cellular assays

  • Vect-Horus is a leading biotechnology company that designs peptide-based vectors and brings hopes to the patient by transporting therapeutic and imaging agents into the brain and cancers using innovative targeting technology. Its unique screening platform, VECTrans, comprises of peptide and VHH libraries to identify and optimise RMT-based vectors. Presently considered as one of the effective and safest methods to by-pass cell barriers, Vect-Horus is successfully reducing the attrition rate of drugs through the methods. By already proving the concept of its innovative technology in animal models by vectorising an endogenous neuropeptide, Vect-Horus has even collaborated with multiple initiatives and applied for several patents

  • Genel


    GENEL is a French biotech company that offers expert multi-disciplinary services to dermo-cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies. With an objective to reduce the time-to-market, we support the clients in identifying the right commercial strategy for the successful launch of their product. Built over a decade of strong experience in Research & Development, GENEL offers customized solutions that best fit your project and corporate culture. Additionally, Genel provides pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies with new services to enhance personalized care by using 3D cellular models and primary cells to highlight active ingredient effects on its gene target

  • Human Metabolome Technologies

    Human Metabolome Technologies

    Human Metabolome Technologies (HMT) is a biotechnology company developing capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry (CE-MS) based metabolomics technologies and solutions to drive drug discovery, diagnosis, and food production. Our research and development methodology are at the heart of an emerging field of metabolomics and systems biology. HMT can identify more than 1,000 species of metabolites by the metabolome analysis technology using CE-MS. In addition, HMT developed an original software analysis platform along with the measuring technologies, such as CE-MS, LC-MS, and MS/MS, that we have newly developed for the realization of metabolome analysis

  • NeoVirTech


    NeoVirTech performs high resolution imaging in living cells of your specific construct to decipher its action. We have already developed custom ANCHORTM viruses and viral vectors for specific application such as antiviral discovery, gene transfer studies, viral based vaccine development, oncolytic virotherapies. Also, NeoVirTech offers the ANCHORTM technology for internal use, both for academic and industrial research

  • Neuro-Sys


    Neuro-Sys is developing a pipeline of innovative compounds focused on treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, orphan diseases and auto-immune diseases, both internally and through collaborations. We identify our lead compounds using our innovative and cutting-edge technology platform, including our internal manufacturing process. Neuro-Sys has developed specific preclinical in vitro models of CNS and PNS diseases to achieve high-quality efficacy pharmacology as well as mode of action studies, a unique cost-effective strategy to accurately determine the pharmacological profiling of lead compounds and explore their underlying mechanism of action

  • OcellO


    OcellO is a contract research organization specialized in the discovery and preclinical validation of new drug candidates. The company excel in in vitro 3D cell culture models and innovative high throughput imaging technologies. OcellO's models are selected for clinically relevant, ‘near-vivo’ properties and consist of patient-derived cells and patient-derived xenografts (PDX models) grown in 3D as organoids, tumoroids or microtissues, offering a broad collection of human tissue models, including most solid tumor types, immune-oncology, cystopathies (incl. polycystic kidney disease and cystic fibrosis) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Functional read-outs are established by image analysis using OcellO’s unique high throughput, high content screening platform

  • Origenis


    Origenis was founded in October 2005 through a management buy-out of former Morphochem AG’s technology platform. Michael Almstetter, Dr. Michael Thormann, and Dr. Andreas Treml decided to continue their research programmes together with the drug discovery team they had built up. Two collaboration partners, Probiodrug (now Vivoryon) in the CNS field, and Alcon in the Ophthalmology fields supported this decision with continued trust and financial support. Both collaborations sought small molecules that would show sufficient exposure at the target tissue, passing through barriers that the brain and the eye have perfected to protect themselves